ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Four people are dead, and three children are taken to the hospital with serious injuries following a high-speed police chase down Delmar Boulevard in west St. Louis.

Police confirm the jeep Cherokee was stolen last month out of Herculaneum, Missouri, and associated with multiple crimes. This includes a minor traffic crash earlier Friday evening- where those in the car fired several shots at the other vehicle. When officers tried to pull over the SUV. That’s when it took off.

The crash happened around 9:10 p.m. At the intersection of Delmar Boulevard and Pendleton avenue in west St. Louis Friday night.

The driver of the stolen SUV tried to flee police going east on Delmar when they hit the SUV packed with seven passengers. Trapped until first responders came, in total, four adults- two women and two men died in the crash. Three juveniles, their ages not released were taken to the hospital, with what were said to be critical injuries.

“I heard a loud boom,” said Infinite Designs Beauty Salon Owner, Valencia Betts, “It was actually in the other car so when it caught fire they were trying to get the people out of the car. A little bitty kid that was crying and all the other people in the car were slumped one way or another.”

A second parked car was also hit- before the stolen SUVv’s driver got out and ran from the scene.

Two 17-year-old passengers were taken into custody.

“We have three little ones, and you want your home and your safe to be safe so it’s really hard to hear another family that lost their lives because that could’ve very well been us,” said West St. Louis Resident, Kenny Deshields.

Betts had barriers put up after a car hit her salon in January.

She says the marks on them from the cars are a reminder of a tragedy that could’ve been even worse.

“The barrier kept the cars away from the building because you can see where it broadsided the barriers and pushed it back onto the sidewalk a good ten inches,” said Betts.

A resident down the street who wishes to remain anonymous describes the aftermath.

“I saw smoke coming from this car, all of the neighbors were coming out, people were hollering does anybody have a fire extinguisher,” said an anonymous resident, “we thought the car was going to blow.”

Officers found firearms and suspected drugs in the stolen vehicle 

Betts said she talked with a man that claimed to be one of the victim’s fathers who came to look at the scene.

“He came up to the [memorial], walked around and then came back and then he left and then came back,” said Betts, “All the loss, it’s just unbearable.”

The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.