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A copper thief may soon end behind iron bars in Arnold.  Police have arrested a suspect.  They think he may have stolen close to a dozen air conditioners since the middle of December.  It may be the middle of winter but copper thefts in Arnold have been heating up.

Two residences in a mobile home park were hit.  Victims said they believe the thefts happened in the middle of the night.  Jim Rayfield’s air conditioner was stolen, he’s fed up.  Rayfield said, “Angry, frustration you feel violated it’s bad.”

On a nearby street Herbert Snyder said two of his neighbors, both widows, were targeted.  Snyder blames the thefts on the economy, “Somebody needs the money to feed their kids or buy medicine and that they’re going to do what they can do to do that.”

A Baptist church lost two air conditioners on two different occasions.

Police are hopeful the man they arrested will be charged very soon.