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FREDERICKTOWN, MO – “We don’t even know if we’ll break even,” Police Chief Eric Hovic said. “But what’s popular area, it’s gun and fishing.”

For $30 bucks a piece, Police chief Eric Hovis says Fredericktown Fire and Police community coalition will be hosting what they’re calling a calendar gun raffle.

“I understand the gun debate in our nation is out there,” he said. “But we have an avid group of competitor shooters that follow us, that train with us.”

Those are the people the chief says who would more than likely be putting their name in the hat to win a variety of guns.

Only 1,000 tickets will be sold in the raffle with two drawings happening every month.

That money will then, in turn, be used for first responder training that would not otherwise be available.

“Tony Sim from Real World Tactical, who is a Marine and a former Miami Dade narcotic officer will be coming to do an officer survival class,” Hovic said. “So, some of these huge names in law enforcement world and training world, they will ever end up in Fredericktown, Missouri.”

The chief says he understands there’s a huge national debate on guns but assures this raffle will not be the golden ticket for someone to get their hands on a gun they’re not supposed to have.

“Any gun that is won you have to go to Cedar Fall Tactical to claim your prize and if you can’t claim a prize on the back on of it, it has the rules,” the chief said. “You have to be able, you can’t just walk in and say here it is I won give it to me, no it doesn’t work that way!”

If someone does not complete the background check in order to receive the gun, they will be offered a cash prize instead.