Police: Don’t leave valuables in the car while at the gym

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BALLWIN, MO - It's the beginning of the year and many of you have a resolution to get in shape.  So, the gyms are packed.

But thieves are counting on those packed parking lots to be full of cars with valuables left in them.

Fox 2/News 11's Dan Gray reported from the Ballwin Recreation Center with a warning the police department is putting out.

While you`re lifting in the gym, make sure you take precautions to prevent thieves from lifting items from your car.  The Ballwin Police Department put out a reminder on their Facebook page the gym parking lots were full this morning from people getting 2018 off to a great start.  As a reminder, secure your valuables in a locked locker, or out of sight in a locked car.  "Thankfully we haven`t seen an increase in that in Ballwin.  Last year it was pretty rampant throughout the region on these gym type thefts so that’s why we wanted to kind of catch people this year while they're getting started back in the gym and while we`re seeing this increased traffic in our local gyms.”

Ballwin police are being proactive with their message at the beginning of the New Year so thieves aren't tempted by what they might see in your vehicle, “make sure that people are having the best time they can while there at the gyms and in our town. You know keeping as safe as possible making sure they get to go home with all their stuff.  Locking your doors keeping your valuables out of sight and really if you can avoid taking something valuable with you to the gym that’s the best place for it is at home."

Police are always looking for extra eyes to help them fight crime, Detective Stephens says if you see something that doesn't look quite right in a parking lot, call the police.


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