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FERGUSON, MO. (KTVI) –  Police swarmed a house in Ferguson, just four blocks from the Ferguson Police Department, where the shooting took place , according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A tactical team scaled the home and tried to break in through the attic, where they believed one of the suspects may have been hiding. The house is located on Dade Avenue, near Tiffin Avenue.

After breaking through, there was no one found. Two men were however escorted from the home in handcuffs, as well as the woman who rents the home. Police said they were questioning the three but they were not under arrest.

Family members of the woman tell FOX 2 that the SWAT Team entered their home at 125 South Dade and took possession of a white car for evidence.

The family of the woman says that they were at last night’s protest and were part of the peacefully assembly.

Raw video from the scene showed protesters pointing to a nearby hill after shots rang out at about midnight.  Police say they officers were shot from about 125 yards away.

White car taken into police custody:

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Search for suspects in the neighborhood:


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