Police investigating more than two dozen car break-ins in Metro East

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DUPO, IL - Some Metro East Police Departments are asking residents to check doorbell cameras and home surveillance videos after a series of car break-ins. Authorities believe the thieves could be responsible for more than two dozen thefts.

The Dupo Police Department is working with various police agencies on the car break-ins to see if the same culprits are responsible for thefts in at least five Metro East cities in the last month. So far police are looking for three male suspects.

Reportedly, the thefts have happened in Dupo, Columbia, Germantown, Waterloo, and other parts of Monroe County.

Meanwhile, police are warning residents not to leave their cars unlocked. Police say purses, electronics, key fobs, and money were among the stolen items from cars.

“One student says her book bag was stolen and the only thing we recovered...the only thing missing was her ethics book which is ironic,” said Dupo Police Chief Kevin Smith.

Some Dupo residents have a message for the culprits.

“It's an awful shame, I can't leave my car to unlocked anymore. You leave your car unlocked it will get broke into. Get a job, don't steal from people,” said Irvin Smith

The various police departments impacted by the thefts will meet on Wednesday morning to compare notes. Police say they have good leads and video of the suspects in action and expect arrests soon.


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