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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Three people, including a gun theft suspect and two innocent bystanders, were injured in a shootout outside of a north St. Louis County store Friday afternoon.

Police said a person carrying a rifle walked into the Wellston Food Market in the 6200 block of Page Avenue around 2:50 p.m. That person did not use the weapon in a threatening manner, according to authorities.

After leaving the store, a man approached the rifle-toting individual and demanded the weapon. The individual complied and handed over the rifle. Police said the robbery victim went to a vehicle, grabbed another gun, and began shooting at the suspect. A shootout ensued between both parties.

During the shootout, two innocent bystanders were struck by gunfire. Their injuries are non-life-threatening.

The man who took the rifle was shot multiple times. The victim of the robbery left the scene, but police believe another man returned moments later and also shot the man who took the rifle.

Officers found the robbery suspect laying in front of the store with several gunshot wounds. He was taken to a hospital and remains in critical condition.

The North County Police Cooperative is investigating and asking anyone with information to call 314-499-6090 or 314-428-6868.