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REYNOLDSBURG, OH – Ohio police have confirmed a disposable razor blade was found inside a candy bar collected during trick-or-treating on Thursday.

The blade was sticking out of a “fun size” candy bar. Parents say the girl didn’t discover the blade until she took a bite. Stephanie, she asked WBNS-TV not to use her last name, says her grandson was trick or treating with the victim.

“We was like What?! What?! And I had never seen it before. I’ve always heard of it but I have never seen it.” said Stephanie.

Stephanie says she did see the blade with her own eyes. Social media comments question whether it’s a hoax.

But Reynoldsburg Police say a veteran investigator who talked to the girl and inspected the candy believes her story.

Lieutenant Shane Mauger says police are taking it seriously.

“Everything looked credible. It looked to be on the up and up.” said Shane Mauger of the Reynoldsburg Police.

Police say x-rays of the rest of the victim’s candy revealed nothing suspicious. So far no one else has come forward with tainted candy.

Stephanie tells WBNS-TV that many parents in the neighborhood just threw their children’s candy in the trash. She says she’s hopeful police will find the person responsible, “Because anybody who is out there and is crazy enough to do this to unsuspecting little kids there’s got to be something wrong with them.”

The razor blade in the candy appears to be isolated incident, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Police warn parents to check their children’s candy. They say to look for anything that doesn’t seem right. That can include ripped or loose wrappers, lumps or bulges under wrappers, and candy that isn’t in the original box or wrapper.