St. Louis police shoot at suspect armed with AR-15 after car chase


Crime Scene Investigation

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Police shot at a suspect armed with an AR-15 after a short car chase Wednesday in the Penrose neighborhood. The suspect was not injured in the shooting but officers tased the 24-year-old after he resisted arrest. The man was later taken to the hospital where he was checked out. The suspect is now in police custody awaiting charges.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says that the officer-involved shooting happened Wednesday at around 12:20pm. They were patrolling in the Mark Twain neighborhood when they spotted a dark gray Honda Accord that had fled from them several times. The suspect’s car sped off when officers attempted to pull it over.

A tire deflation device was placed at Kingshighway and Lillian. The suspect’s vehicle hit it but continued to flee into the Penrose Neighborhood. The suspect then abandoned the Honda near the intersection of Marcus and Anderson. He ran into an alley in the 4600 block of Anderson.

Police say they discovered the suspect was armed with an AR-15 when they confronted him in the alley. An officer fired a shot as the suspect ran towards them with the weapon. He was not struck but he did drop the rifle and continued running.

Officers eventually caught up with the man. They tried to place him under arrest but he continued resisting. That is when they used a police department-issued taser. The suspect was then taken to the hospital.

The 42-year-old officer was not injured in this incident. An assisting officer suffered injuries to his hands and knee.

Police say that the suspect’s firearm was a fully loaded Matrix AR15-15 5.56/.223 semi-automatic pistol. They also took a large number of narcotics into evidence.

Investigators discovered that the suspect’s vehicle was reported stolen from St. Louis County on October 16, 2019.


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