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ST. LOUIS, MO — A Chesterfield woman wants to know who is using Craigslist to post mean comments about her. An online ad in the personals section featured her picture and the title, “Danger.”

The woman, 35, told Chesterfield police it all began with a text from an unrecognizable number with a 636 area code. The text included a link to Craigslist.

“And it had a picture of our victim. And it said, ‘This lady is dangerous. If you have encountered her, you should be afraid, and get away, ASAP,” Chesterfield Police Sgt. Keith Rider said.

That was just the beginning. The victim continued to receive texts from the same phone number, stating that the Craigslist ad would be re-posted, no matter how many times she deleted it. It also threatened to notify her employers that she is “an evil person,” Sgt. Rider said.

“It’s obviously somebody with an ax to grind with the victim. For whatever reason, and we’re trying to figure out who this person is,” he said.

And figuring out who the person is could be a long process, Rider said.

“You have to subpoena records from craigslist. The phone number you have to figure numbers so you have to do the extra step of trying to unwind that,” he said.

The ad has since been removed but that doesn’t put an end to the investigation. Detectives continue to work to identify the person or persons responsible for bullying the victim.

“This is a harassment thing. Definitely, this has put her in apprehension,” Rider said.