BALLWIN, Mo. – As ponds and lakes freeze over during the cold weather, police are seeing an increase in calls about people falling on the ice.

The Ballwin Police Department said it has seen annual calls about such incidents start to pick up.

“There’s some excitement to the idea of being able to walk on water, and unfortunately the weather just isn’t cold enough to sustain them,” said Ballwin Police Department public information officer Scott Stephens.

A group of officers recently responded to a group of kids testing the limits.

“Our officers were able to get to them and get them off the ice safely, which was just an ultimate success in terms of how that call could have ended,” said Stephens. “So really, we just ask is that parents educate their children, just talk to them and say don’t walk on the ponds.”

Those concerns, a reality for a Fenton teen when on Thursday. He spotted a 10-year-old girl start to slip through an icy pond.

“She went into a puddle where you can tell it’s almost melting, then she just stopped and then it settled and then it broke,” said 15-year-old, Austin Althoff.

That’s when Althoff rushed to her rescue, breaking the ice with his feet.

“She finally got to my hand, I grabbed her hand and with my other hand. I grabbed her shirt, and I pulled her back, kind of like threw her towards the shore. Then, I got close to her and pushed her towards the shore, and then she was able to crawl out,” said Althoff.

On Sunday a similar scene in Charleston, Illinois, ended in tragedy.

“He couldn’t get to them, and I said, ‘Ma’Lyiah.’ I said, ‘Where’s Carlos?’ And he said, ‘He’s in the pond.’ And I said, ‘Carlos is in the pond?’ And he said, ‘I couldn’t get to him,'” said family member Amanda Beals.

Carlos Serafin, 31, died but did save his granddaughter, 10-year-old, Ma’Lyiah White. Unfortunately, she remains in the hospital with severe injuries.

A seasonal danger that we can all avoid if we just follow one simple rule.

“Just don’t go on the ice, just don’t risk it,” said Althoff. “There’s no reason.”

On Wednesday, temperatures are expected to be in the single digits.

If you ever come across a person in need, please dial 911.