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ST. LOUIS – Paul Berry III is the Republican candidate in the race for the St. Louis County Executive seat.

Berry is running against Democratic incumbent Dr. Sam Page, whom he has filed a lawsuit against. The other candidates in the race are Libertarian Theo Brown, Sr. and Green Party candidate Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell.

Berry has run for this office before, back in 2018 he lost to Steve Stenger.

When Berry first entered the political arena he was a Democrat representing Maryland Heights in the Missouri State House. Then in 2014 he was running for the same position and switched parties. He lost that election. In 2016 he entered the race for Missouri’s 1st Congressional District and was defeated by Steven Bailey in the primary. Democrat William Lacy Clay went on to win the seat.

In recent weeks there has been polarization over COVID-related youth sports policies, mainly high school. County parents and their children have been protesting outside of the St. Louis County Executive Office on Central Avenue in Clayton regularly. They are pleading to be able to play sports again. Berry has met them there in supports of their cries.

In a questionnaire with Call Newspapers, Berry said he is not satisfied with the direction the county is headed.

“If we do not immediately change how … county government operates, we will transform into … Chicago within five years. St. Louis County requires a county executive who … is ready to address serious issues facing our future, from Day 1,” Berry said.