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FENTON, Mo. – The Democrat hoping to unseat Governor Mike Parson is getting a boost from a familiar face in Missouri politics. Former Governor Jay Nixon is joining Nicole Galloway on the campaign trail.

“This is a woman who never forgets who she is serving. That serves without fear or favor. She does what’s right,” Nixon told a crowd at a recent campaign event in Galloway’s hometown of Fenton.

Nixon, a fellow Democrat, served as Missouri governor from 2009 to 2017.

The two worked closely together during his term. Nixon appointed Galloway to fill the vacancy for state auditor in 2015. She was elected to a full term in 2018.

Galloway said Nixon’s insight and experience are invaluable.

“The advice that he’s given me is to stay true to myself. To remind voters why I am fighting for them. We can contain this virus and get back to normal. We can have health care for working folks and we can reset the agenda in Jefferson City,” she said.

Galloway said a state-wide mask mandate is central to protecting Missourians from COVID-19. Parson has held off on issuing a mandate, arguing that individuals should be make that decision, not state government.

Galloway also said Missouri should issue minimum guidelines for schools as they navigate through the pandemic.

Polls show Parson holding a comfortable lead over Galloway. But she said her team has the momentum for a victory in November.

And she added, she is learning from the best.

“Governor Nixon knows how to win Missouri. He knows how to win in every single part of the state. He knows how to win in Fenton, the boot heel, central Missouri. And that’s because folks remember that he was fighting for us,” she said.