ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt’s campaign has accepted our invitation to do a prime-time U.S. Senate race debate with the Missouri Nexstar stations, which include St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Joplin.

In accepting our invitation, Schmitt said, “Missourians will not be surprised that The Heiress Valentine is refusing to debate because they know her extreme positions only connect with a small inner circle of liberal elites, and not Missouri families statewide who are struggling under the disastrous Biden-Schumer economic policies she supports.”

FOX 2 reached out to the Busch-Valentine campaign with the same offer for a debate.

Her campaign responded to Schmitt’s accusation.

“As usual, what Eric Schmitt is saying is nonsense. We fully expect and look forward to an opportunity to debate Eric Schmitt on the issues that matter most to Missourians,” a Busch-Valentine spokesperson said. “We’ve received a number of debate invitations and are actively reviewing all of them. That includes ongoing discussions with other potential debate hosts in which he has not yet accepted. To date, we’ve rejected no debate invitations.”

If Busch-Valentine agrees to the televised debate, the hour-long event will be held in St. Louis at the FOX 2 studios on Tuesday, October 4 at 7 p.m. The entire debate will be streamed live and available on demand at

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