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ST. LOUIS – Alex Furman, is the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Representative Missouri District 1. Furman’s name will be on the ballot with Democrat Cori Bush and Republican Anthony Rogers.

Furman grew up in St. Louis County. He then spent a time at Central Missouri University and earned his pilot’s license. In 2015 he moved to California. On April 24, 2017 his small plane crashed with 6,200 grams of hash oil inside of a suitcase and $700,000 in cash. Police seized two unregistered handguns from his apartment.

He pleaded guilty to a single charge of possession with intent to distribute and was released on time served.

Since moving back to St. Louis in 2018, Furman has become a locksmith and is now the vice president of the Proud Boys.

“My theme, I call it ‘Based Libertarianism,’ it’s a hardcore anti-government ethic, very rigid,” he told the River Front Times. “The good thing about the Proud Boy platform is it’s basically anarchist. End the government, abolish prison. Realistically, the Proud Boys are a fraternity, and if you go to any of our events that’s what it looks like, more than any ideological movement.”

Furman told Ballotpedia in a questionnaire:

“We’ve sacrificed our freedom and greatness to feed and make numerous the worst and least among us. We’ve given our children up to be raised at schools in a system that despises us. Our governments have turned poor against rich, race against race, child against parent, man against woman, and countryman against countryman. It’s time to take our country back. And that starts with taking our freedoms back. We are letting the government drive us off a financial and cultural cliff, and I am a man asking for your help to wrench that steering wheel back.”

As far as his lack of experience in public office he said that’s a reason to vote for him. He thinks “it very important [politicians] do not” have previous experience.