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ST. LOUIS – Libertarian Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff is running for Missouri State Treasurer.

He is running against Republican incumbent Scott Fitzpatrick, Democrat Vicki Lorenz Englund and Green Party candidate Joseph Civettini.

Kastoff wites in Facebook:

How would things be different if we elected Kasoff for State Treasurer?

I would streamline the office. Example: A close relative of mine has nearly 80 items in the treasurer’s “Unclaimed Property” database, amounting to thousands of dollars. The process for claiming the funds is cumbersome, and she isn’t even aware they exist. We could make a checkbox on your Missouri tax return, authorizing the treasurer’s office to match your tax information with unclaimed property, and send it to you automatically.

I would improve the environmental impact of the office. Example: With the tax return checkoff, there would be no reason to send out thousands of postcards for unclaimed property.

I would end gimmicks that serve only to promote the officeholder.

Nick Kastoff on Facebook.

Kasoff ran for St. Louis County Executive in 2018, but lost to Steve Stenger.

Kasoff is from Bloomington, Indiana. He received his bachelor’s degree from SUNY Postdam in computer science and economics. He then went to Washington University in St. Louis for graduate school.