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ST. LOUIS – Republican incumbent Ann Wagner and Democratic challenger Jill Schupp are spending a lot of money and getting headlines in the race for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District.

However, Libertarian candidate Martin Schulte says neither party really cares about St. Louisans.

“I felt like, at this point in time, there’s not a lot of representation,” Schulte said. “There’s a left and right but not someone who is looking at lessoning government policies and looking after individuals.”

When Schulte retired from the military, he sought change for the people.

He says both Republicans and Democrats are destroying the financial future of younger people.

“One is fiscal responsibility. We have a runaway budget crisis that’s happening in Congress and it’s only been exacerbated by [the] coronavirus,” Schulte said. “It doesn’t matter anymore which party, we have over 20 years of spending and it’s to the point now the millennials are going to be picking up that.”

Schulte works as a certification developer for TechGuard Security. He says people may not know who he is but he says he’s tired of seeing St. Louisans told what they want to hear instead of the truth.

“I think it’s important for St. Louis and citizens in St. Louis to hold everybody in government accountable,” Schulte said. “If they’re not working for you, then find alternative means to people that will work for you.”