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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The City of St. Louis Charter may be amended if voters approve Proposition 1 this November. The initiative asks voters to permit many city employees to live outside of St. Louis.

Mayor Krewson has been among the many public officials advocating for more police officers to be allowed to live outside the city. There are over 145 positions that need to be filled.

St. Louis Police Chief John Hayden and others say lifting the residency requirement will help the city hire and keep first responders. House Bill 46 was recently signed into law during a special session on crime.

The bill says no police or public safety workers shall be subject to a residency rule for at least the next three years. First responders have been required to live in the city for at least seven years.

Chief Hayden says the residency rule has been the number one barrier to filling open jobs at the police department. But, some people worry that if more government employees are allowed to live outside the city then they may not represent the people who live there.

The bill signed by Gov. Parson allowed first responders working for the city to work outside its borders. Proposition 1 would allow more employees to work for the city and live outside its boundaries. But, there are some exceptions.

The issue is on the November 3rd ballot in St. Louis city. 

Proposition 1 Ballot Language:

Shall Section 2 of Article VIII of the City of St. Louis Charter, which requires all officers and employees of the City of St. Louis to reside within the City’s boundaries, be amended to permit the employees of the City of St. Louis except for City agency and department directors appointed by the Mayor to reside outside of the City’s boundaries?