WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – Republicans held a hearing in Manhattan focusing on crime in the city, but Democrats say the hearing is really an attempt to attack the district attorney for trying to prosecute Trump.

In a field hearing in New York City, Republicans — led by Congressman Jim Jordan — accused Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg of being soft on crime.

“In Bragg’s Manhattan, you can resist arrest, deal drugs, obstruct arrest and even carry a gun to get away with it,” said Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

One witness said, “if Mr. Bragg would lock people up, it would save a lot headaches in New York City and save lives.”

Jordan added, “the president of NYPD Detectives Endowment Association said ‘Bragg gives criminals the road map to freedom from prosecution and control of ours streets.’”

New York Congressman Jerry Nadler pushed back on Republican’s claims.

“Under the leadership of Mayor Adams and District Attorney Bragg, over the last year crime in Manhattan has dropped in nearly every major category — including murders down 14%,” Rep. Jerry Nadler (D- NY) said.

Nadler said the hearing was an attempt to intimidate Bragg because he’s leading the team that’s prosecuting former President Donald Trump in a hush money case.

“Jim Jordan and his Republican accomplices are acting as an extension of the Trump defense team,” Nadler said.

Democrats also say the hearing is a waste of time because Congress doesn’t have the power to change the local crime code in New York City.

Nadler suggested that if Republicans are worried about crime they should focus their efforts elsewhere.

“Homicide rates are 73% higher in Mr. Jordan’s Ohio than in Manhattan,” Nadler said.