ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens resigned from office amidst scandal in 2018.  Some political analysts now consider him a leading candidate in the Republican primary to replace retiring Senator Roy Blunt.   

“We’re winning this race because I care about the people of Missouri and I’m willing to fight for them,” said Greitens.   

The former Navy Seal was joined by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for a campaign fundraiser in St. Louis Saturday.   

“I was probably the second or third person to endorse him,” said Giuliani.   

When asked to respond to some republican concerns that a Greitens victory in August could give democrats a better chance of winning in November, Giuliani laughed.  He said, “You’re going to tell me Eric Greitens isn’t going to win this state?” 

Giuliani pointed to the 2020 election.  President Trump won Missouri by more than a 15% margin.   The former New York mayor believes Greitens would easily win the general election.  He also believes Greitens would be a consistent vote against liberal policies.  

Greitens said, “I think Missouri has not only become a more republican state, but it’s become an America first state.”  

Voters will have their say later this year.  The primary will take place in August and the general election in November.