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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – U.S. Representative Billy Long told said he, and several other Republicans, are “seriously considering it” after Roy Blunt leaves. Blunt announced Monday he will not be running for re-election in 2022.

Rep. Long said the news of Blunt not running came as a surprise.

“I wasn’t shocked, but I was surprised. When I boarded the plane today in Chicago to come to D.C., he was running for Senate in 2022, when I landed in D.C. he was not, and my phone was blowing up,” says Long.

Long says moving forward that Republicans are going to have to work hard to take the Senate and the House back in the 2022 election. Long says he will back whoever takes Blunt’s role in the Senate.

“He’s worked tirelessly for over four decades in several different positions. I don’t think he’s going anywhere; I think they’re going to keep working for Missouri,” says Long.

The final thing Long said, “A lot of us are going to be thinking about that race and looking at it closely, and I’m one of them that’s going to be seriously considering it, so we’ll just kind of see what unfolds.”