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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)–It’s a beauty trend that’s growing by the day, false lashes and lash extensions. And for some ladies it’s a permanent part of their beauty routine. Celebrities like Katy Perry and the Kardashians have their own brand of lashes and all of them are cashing in.

Teara Norris has been getting lashes since she was a teenager and never stopped.

Kritique Designs stylist and licensed cosmetologist Tracy Dorsey-Wesmoland is the one to do it. Tracy says more and more women are glamming up their eyes. Installation can take from two minutes to two hours depending on what you want.

The cost can range from $5 for strips to $300 for the fancy stuff like mink. The choice is yours. But that choice can have consequences if you’re not careful. Tracy keeps her area clean and has never had any problems but has heard her share of stories.

Mary Migneco, an ophthalmologist with Barnes Jewish Hospital, says she’s seeing more patients with eye infections caused by lashes and says some women are looking for lashes in all the wrong places.

You can have permanent loss of lashes and more. In some cases the healing process can take a lot more than an antibiotic and eye drop.

According to statistics, businesses made more than $55 million from lashes in 2014 and is expected to grow. So if you decide to get your lash on, ask the right questions to save yourself a lot of time and trouble down line.