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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A 19-year-old St Louis man is dealing with a broken nose and two fractured eye sockets after he was attacked during ride on the metro link. He says he was jumped by four unknown teenagers on a train headed towards downtown.

The attack happened Sunday night between 7pm and 8pm, between the Forest Park and the Central West End stops. The attack lasted less than 5 minutes. 

The victim says his attackers didn`t say a word and didn`t rob him. His wallet and backpack were not touched. He says he believes he is a victim of the knockout game. The victims name is not being released
“It was random there was no point to it I have never seen them before or know them ,”  said the 19 year old.

Bobbie Buchanan says her son is a quiet young man who spends his time playing piano and drums. He`s also into art and plans to go to college. She says he has never had any problems with the law or other teens.

“He didn`t provoke them they just saw him and thought they could beat him up and that`s what they did,” said Buchanan

FOX 2 contacted Metro Link and they say all of the surveillance video and investigation is being handled by St Louis county police. CEO John Nations says this crime is unacceptable.

“Any incident like this is not tolerated. We are sorry for what happened and we wish him a speedy recovery sorry for the circumstances,” said Nations.
Buchanan says her son might need surgery to correct the damage. She also says she won`t stop until charges are filed and the people who attacked her son are behind bars.

“Hopefully they won`t do it to someone else that`s why I am willing to be on camera to tell them to stop it and stop picking on people like that,” she said.