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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Protestors met with a line of police at the burned QuikTrip on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson Monday evening. Protesters were on the scene most of the day,  shouting demands and filling  the streets.

The crowds  started marching down the road at dusk.  Police were concerned that they were going to start turning cars over.  They told demonstrators to go home.  The police they tossed tear gas near the demonstrators.  Rubber bullets were fired by authorities to break-up the tense situation.  One person was taken to the hospital for his injuries from a rubber bullet.

The demonstrators are protesting because of the police shooting death of Michael Brown.  They have been publicly showing their frustrations since the shooting on Saturday.  The 18-year-old’s death prompted a protest on Sunday night that turned into looting.

Video of protesters looting this Quiktrip went viral on Sunday.  Looters could be seen walking out with items on store shelves.  The gas station was then set on fire.