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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – While Donald Trump`s speech was interrupted by protesters several times inside the clashes were almost non-stop between trump supporters and opponents outside as well. It was a political battle in the streets. The words between Trump supporters and Trump opponents were nasty, divisive and insulting.

Neither side was afraid to ramp up the rhetoric and hate speech. The fights that broke out were broken up by police.

More than 200 anti-Trump demonstrators clashed with Trump supporters who numbered in the thousands. They were standing in a line about four blocks long. The supporters couldn`t get into the Peabody Opera House to see Trump but they heard the speech through speakers outside.

Local Muslims were part of the protest. They are upset about Trump`s recent comments that he believes, “Islam hates America.”

Latinos voiced outrage about Trump`s immigration policy while supporters defended his position

St. Louis police report 32 arrests during the rallY. 28 people arrested for peace disturbance inside Peabody Opera House as they interrupted Trumps’ speech. Outside there were three arrests for peace disturbance and one arrest for assault.