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ST. LOUIS – Several groups gathered downtown Tuesday to speak out against President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill an upcoming vacancy on the US Supreme Court.

The event was held outside the Old Courthouse and organized by groups including NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri and the St. Louis branch of the National Council of Jewish Women.

Speakers were concerned that Kavanaugh would help overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling and the Affordable Care Act. They called Kavanaugh a “partisan nominee” and “ultra-conservative.”

“We know that Judge Kavanaugh will gut Roe v. Wade. He’s already said it in his dissents when he went against immigrant women who needed abortion services,” said Alison Dreith, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Nancy Litz, the Vice President of Advocacy for the National Council of Jewish Women St. Louis, added, “We also expect our senators, both Missouri senators and across the country, not to rubber-stamp a nomination based on strictly partisan considerations without looking at the risks that this nominee poses.”

The groups said they’re calling on Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill to vote against Kavanaugh.