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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) –  Police and protesters for the 7th day in a row on West Florissant near the QuikTrip.  Hundreds filled the streets in a peaceful protest for Michael Brown until about 9pm on Sunday.  The official curfew put into place by Governor Jay Nixon is from 12am-5am.  Protesters were allowed to voice their concerns until midnight.  But, that all changed because of an altercation.

Police say that protesters started tossing molotov cocktails at them when the crowd started to march at 9:30pm .They decided to start clearing the crowd because of the perceived danger.  Officers moved into the area where protesters gathered after the crowds started to disperse at around 9:45pm.  St. Louis County police also tweeted that there was reports of shots fired near W. Florissant and Solway at the same time.

Police are trying to get the message that an investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown is underway.  Captain Ron Johnson tells FOX 2 reporter Jeff Bernthal that there are 40 Federal agents in the area going door to door to find more witnesses in this case.  But, some protesters want justice now. The investigation could take some time.

Reporter Jeff Bernthal and photographer Kevin Marshall got a taste of some of the tear gas.  The stinging sensation left a bad taste in their mouths.  But, they’re doing much better now.

The crowds seem to be thinning in front of the QuikTrip in Ferguson as the official curfew time draws near.  There are reports of protesters regrouping in other parts of the area.