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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – An attempted shutdown of Interstate 70 on Wednesday afternoon sent some protestors to Ferguson.  They blocked S. Florissant Rd. after it was clear police would not allow protestors onto the interstate.

One demonstrator said she headed to Ferguson, “So they know we’re serious about our protest, and we’re serious about what we’re asking.”

A group of approximately 70 demonstrators marched down S. Florissant and eventually stood in the street blocking traffic.  Some of them chanted, “Mike Brown will change this town.”  Police stood back and did not make any arrests.

After about 30 minutes, protestors scattered when lightning and heavy rain fell.  Some of them vowed to return.

“We want the officer held accountable and I think that’s the bottom line,” said one protestor.  “Until that happens, we’re going to keep protesting.”

Some demonstrators said another demonstration will take place Saturday. ​

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