ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Zach Krato is a Florissant Valley Fire District firefighter, husband, and dad who has spent over a decade serving as a first responder. 

Zach receives the FOX 2 Proud to Serve award in March 2023, including $500 from Brown & Brown Law Firm. In addition to being a valued firefighter, Zach has the added responsibility of implementing and training the district on the ‘STARS’ program. 

The STARS program was created along with Cardinal Glennon to create a registry of high risk pediatric patients in the community close to where they live, and better prepare and train first responders to know how to treat those individuals.

STARS stands for Special Needs Tracking and Awareness. It’s a one-of-a-kind program designed to improve emergency response and emergency care for children who live with complex medical conditions. 

Zach ensures that the Florissant Valley Fire District completes the personalizes, emergency care plans for EMS, and emergency based staff to make emergency care safer for the most fragile children. 

Zach’s nomination:

Zach has been an asset to the Florissant community. At the fire department, he has been in charge of implementing the STARS (Special Needs Tracking and Awareness) program throughout the district. This program identifies high risk pediatric patients in the community to better prepare first responders to respond to and treat these individuals.

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