Proud to Serve: Air Force OSI agent honored before retiring after 21 years of service

Proud to Serve
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ST. LOUIS – Master Sergeant Thomas Lambert joined theUS Air Force 21 years ago following humble beginnings in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania. 

Lambert was working but decided he wanted more and took a meeting with a recruiter. He spent his early years as an aircraft mechanic, eventually joining a very elite group of USAF members in the Office of Special Investigations.

Only about 2,500 individuals are designated OSI agents. OSI agents are like the FBI of the Air Force.  Master Sergeant Lambert has spent the better part of the last 15 years moving around the United States and being deployed overseas to serve our country. He was also elevated to an instructor at the OSI Academy, teaching the up-and-coming agents in the training techniques they need to succeed.   

Lambert is a father of four kids, and his family moved with him when possible. 

“I’ve been a little bit of everywhere. Let’s see: Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE twice, Afghanistan; all over Europe. Just temporary duties,” he said.

But come May 31, MSG Thomas Lambert is retiring from Scott Air Force Base and looking to finally settle down in the St. Louis area. And he is turning in his wings for an anvil. 

He was nominated by a friend, who wrote to us:

Tom is one of the most incredible individuals that I have ever met.  He has been an OSI Agent for the last 15 years (there are about 2500 agents total).  Basically, like NCIS but for the Air Force. Before that, he was an airplane mechanic. He has had 8 deployments and he has never complained about the job that was given at hand.  He did counterintelligence (amongst many other top-secret jobs)  for our country and did a lot of undercover work, training, and trained many others as an instructor for the dedication and protection of our country.  He has a completely selfless worth ethic and he will always but others first before him. 

When he retires in May, he is aspiring to become a Blacksmith.  He currently has a makeshift forge that he works in.  His work has great quality and his web page is Rustic Iron.  My words of compassion towards how proud I am of him cannot be fully described in sentences.

But, I do believe that he is an All American Hero that came from a poor coal mining city in Penn and truly made something of himself. I would like to nominate MSgt Thomas Lambert for the award and I think this is the least that we could do to thank him for his service.  He is the one that spends everyday protecting us from the bad out there.  He is my hero.

Lambert became interested in black smithery after visiting our local Renaissance Faire and thought he would take it up as a hobby. 

“I’m a blacksmith, hammer, anvil, dirty coal forge, all that stuff,” he said.

Lambert said he’s still looking for a full-time job in our area. He’s not quite sure what he wants to do but knows he has skills that are valuable from his 21 years in the Air Force. Having spent two decades in the military, he is tapping into the resources they offer to help him craft and resume and search for civilian jobs. And the St. Louis Area is proud to have him represent us. 

When asked how he would describe his years of service, he says, “Even though it’s long hours, time away from family, I don’t think I could ever not do it again.”

MSG Thomas Lambert receives $500 from Brown & Brown Law Firm and our Proud to Serve Award. 

“We need more heroes like him,” Dan Brown said.

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