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ST. LOUIS – Deputy Scott Ehrhard always knew from a young age that he wanted to make a difference in the community, it just so happened that becoming a resource officer in the Grandview School District would give him the avenue to do so.

During his time as a school resource officer, Deputy Erhard became aware of many students who were struggling with food insecurity and organized the non-profit, Scott The Cop Classic, a yearly charity basketball tournament at Grandview School District to benefit Brendan’s Friday Backpacks – a nonprofit that provides food assistance to families in Jefferson County. The non-profit event has raised over $10,000 in the past two years through sponsorships and induvial donations and has helped several students in need throughout the school year.

Outside of assisting the community, Ehrhard enjoys his time spent as a father and recently diving into his new career path as a deputy with the Jefferson County Sheriffs’ office. Ehrhard was nominated by Public Safety Information Coordinator Grant Bissell who shared what he represents to others.

“Deputy Scott Ehrhard is a School Resource Officer in the Grandview School District,” said Bissell. “Over the years, he’s built an incredible rapport with students, families, faculty, and staff. He’s a buddy, a protector, and a trusted confidant to many.”

A few years ago, Ehrhard learned some students were struggling with food insecurity. As a father himself, he felt compelled to help these young people however he could. After learning of the nonprofit Brendan’s Friday Backpacks and the food assistance it provides to people in Jefferson County, Ehrhard decided to take it upon himself to help raise awareness and support for the organization.

He then organized the Scott The Cop Classic, a grassroots, charity basketball tournament at Grandview to benefit Brendan’s Friday Backpacks. This year was the third-annual Classic and by far the most successful. Through sponsorships and individual donations, the event raised $7,200 for the nonprofit.
This is just one example of Ehrhard’s passion for his job and the community he serves.

Deputy Ehrhard earns $500 from Brown & Brown Law Firm and our Proud to Serve Award. 

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