ST. LOUIS – Each month on FOX 2, we give out our Proud to Serve award to a local first responder, veteran, or military member. 

Andrew Law was nominated a record five times by his peers for our award. After serving in the military, Andrew continued his career of service as a paramedic with St. Charles County Ambulance District (SCCAD) where he is a paramedic. 

Outside his full-time role at SCCAD, he trains multiple hours a month and dedicates multiple weeks a year to training himself and his peers as a member of the St. Charles County medical S.W.A.T team. This role supports the S.W.A.T team members during high risk warrants and barricade incidents, providing medical assistance to the task force to protect and serve during high risk events. 

Here are the 5 different nominations FOX 2 received:

Andy is a Navy veteran who was a combat medic for the USMC. Andy saw combat multiple times and is now an active critical care paramedic and SWAT medic. Along with leading the industry in his skills, he also traveled to Ukraine to train a combat medic there. Andy also teaches active shooter to several local law enforcement agencies. All while working on his college degree and being a husband and father to two little girls who support him in his ventures to give back to his community and country.

A little recognition for the most selfless person I know. Andy is a veteran of the navy with multiple tours in the Middle East. He works full-time as a medic at SCCAD.  He is currently on the St. Charles county regional swat team as a medic. He teaches medical training to a lot of the police officers in the county, including CPR. He teaches the county with others in active shooter training. He teaches a ‘stop the bleed’ class for citizens and employees in the county and multiple school districts. He has his critical care certification and takes seriously sick and injured patients from hospital to other hospitals that normal paramedics don’t do. He is currently a full-time college student getting his associate’s degree. He has a wife and two daughters. He is the guy that when someone has a problem, he is the first person you think of to call because he will answer and will do what it takes to help. So when this came up, me and others at SCCAD instantly thought of this person. He deserves recognition for all that he does.

Andy served as a Navy Corpsman attached to a marine unit and fought in combat.  After the military he became a paramedic, certified flight Paramedic, and is an active SWAT medic. Andy teaches classes on bleeding control and combat medicine to other SWAT operators in the area.  Andy also went to Ukraine on his own and helped train soldiers. Andy is an amazing person and deserves recognition for everything he has done.

Andy is one of the smartest individuals I’ve ever met. His hard work and dedication is second to none. Andy deserves recognition because he is always willing, to help others, improve their skills, and patient care.

Andy is hands down one of the hardest working paramedics I have ever known. As an ER nurse myself, Andy’s knowledge, expertise, compassion, and work ethic is beyond any first responder I have had the privilege to work with. As a former military man, he is disciplined, hardworking, and goes the extra mile not only for his patients but fellow medics and nurses. I want to recognize Andy for his amazing knowledge in critical care, his passion for his job, is work ethic and his care for his patients and coworkers

Andy is a husband, father of two girls, and he receives $500 from Brown & Brown Law Firm for his service to our community. Partner Ely Hadowsky presented him with his check.

Nominations are needed! If you know of a first responder, veteran, or military member, click here to nominate them today.