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CHESTERFIELD, MO – A public hearing about a proposed seven-story car vending machine took place Monday night. The Phoenix-based company, Carvana, wants to build the car vending machine east of Top Golf. Several Chesterfield residents expressed concerns about the appearance of the building.

A representative with Carvana said the tower would be 71 to 75 feet tall and be lit up 24-hours a day. They said it would usually be full with all 28 cars it can hold and would have around 45 to 55 parking spaces.

The company allows people to search for, purchase, finance, and trade-in vehicles online. After an individual makes a purchase, they can pick it up from the giant vending machine.

“You put your coin in the machine and the car is vended out to you, we are trying to make it a really friendly customer experience and take away the negative experience that comes with purchasing a car,” a representative with the company said at Monday night’s public hearing.

Mike Geisel, the city’s city administrator, said the development is in the early stages and it’s just the start of a six to nine-month process.