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ST. LOUIS– The man known as the QAnon Shaman is speaking out for the first time in a 60 Minutes+ interview. He told reporter Laurie Segall that his actions on January 6 were not an attack on his country.

The QAnon Shaman, also know as Jacob Chansley, said he sang a song that was part of Shamanism and even stopped people from stealing and vandalizing the sacred space of the Senate Chamber. He even says he stopped someone from stealing muffins out of a break room.

Segall reminded Chansley that he wasn’t allowed in that sacred chamber.

Chansley replied, “That is the only very serious regret that I have, was believing that when we were waved in by police officers that it was acceptable.”

Hours after the interviewed was posted, Chansley’s attorney, St. Louis attorney Al Watkins, filed a court document lambasting the government’s assertion that Chansley led the charge into the Capitol.

Watkins says he even has never seen before video of Chansley more than a mile away from the Capitol when first and second wave stormed the building.

Watkins also included another YouTube video as evidence. He says it is from around 2:15 PM ET and when the defendant walked up the steps as Capitol Police were walking down the steps.

In the court document, Watkins states the video depicts the police as they proclaimed, “the building is yours” with the defendant, in all his Shamanic splendor, casually walking by them up the steps.

When FOX2 watched the video, it was unclear who made the comment captured on the video.

“My shirtless client with the horns and fur and face paint was anything but ‘leading the charge’ into the Capitol. More accurately, he was a strolling demonstration of a euphoric young man who, sadly, had heeded the  words of the former President, believed the words of the former President, and did what the former President asked him to do,” said Watkins.

During the 60 Minutes+ interview, Chansley said he developed a lot of sympathy for Donald Trump because it seemed like the media was picking on him and that the establishment was going after him unfairly.

“I had been a victim of that all of my life whether it be at school or at home, so in many ways, I identified with a lot of the negative things he was going through,” said Chansley.

He also said he is upset he and others didn’t get pardoned for their actions that day.