Quick winter blast causes slick roads in Metro Area

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ST. LOUIS – St. Louis braces for another frigid night and some flurries.
“Last week we almost got 9 inches of snow and this week it’s a bunch of sleet. It’s just terrible,” says driver Shayna Burns.

“It’s kind of crazy because I just got in town from college and if I would’ve known it was going to snow I would’ve stayed back in Jefferson City,” says Cordesia Randle.

This round of winter weather has caused some accidents.
There was a fatal wreck on I-270 between Dougherty Ferry and Manchester. Three cars were involved.

There was another accident on I-70 near the Blanchette Bridge that caused a backup but both accidents have been cleared.

Burns says, “I was just sliding all over the place. I was just like let’s get off the road and get to safety. Everybody drive safe, buckle up, get home, and if you don’t have anything else to do stay home.”

The plows are out on the roads and they’re starting on the main arteries. Ice is still a major concern when it’s this cold.

“I would say the side streets are kind of bad, but the main streets are clear so that’s good. As long as you make it to the main streets are OK,” says Randle.

MoDOT says it has about 100 plows out on the road and it’s treating roads with salt and beet juice which can be more effective when it’s this cold.


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