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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – There were more positive vibes about the Rams future in St. Louis, Tuesday night.

They came from the team’s chief operating officer, Kevin Demoff.

The Rams have a partnership with Lindenwood University’s Sports Management Program.

Demoff spoke with students about the business of pro sports; how they can get a foot in the door.

He didn’t shy away from what was on the minds of everyone from the campus to the pub down the street.

In the thick of Cardinals spring training, the St. Patrick’s Day crowd at Tubby’s Pub & Grub in St. Charles was full of theories and “gut feelings” about the Rams and St. Louis’s football future.

“I really do believe that they will move,” said fan, Judy Hager.

“I don’t think they’re leaving,” said fan, Mo Garza.

They were curious about what Demoff would say at the panel discussion.  Rams communications chief, Artis Twyman also appeared.

They mostly talked to students about breaking into the business.  But in a room where most of those students were also St. Louis Rams fans, Demoff briefly addressed the team’s future in St. Louis, progress on a new downtown stadium, and his developing relationship with stadium task force chief, Dave Peacock.

“I had a very productive conversation with Dave Peacock before I drove over here,” Demoff said.  “I feel good about progress that’s being made, where the process is at.  I think there’s a long road ahead for us to figure out what ultimately can happen…I think finally people realized that there was some urgency.  I think that was very good for the city.  It was very good for our fans…the focus has been giving ourselves better options than we had a year ago.  I think when you look at the work that’s been done by the task force to date you feel very good about where the options stand and the actions around St. Louis.”

They’ll like the sound of that at Tubby’s.

“We do need a football team here in the city,” Hager said.

“I would like to see them stay just so St. Louis has a team.  It just seems like it builds up a city,” Garza said.

The panel discussion was not a media event.  But it was open to the public.  The room was packed with about 150 people, including a handful of non-student Rams fans.

Afterward, people said they understood the delicate nature of Demoff’s position.  They were glad he shared as much as he did.  They liked what they heard.