FENTON, Mo. – If you walked or drove past 801 Bowles Avenue in Fenton, Missouri, you might steal a quick glance at the picturesque exterior and go about your day. The large front yard, the white siding, the bull-nosed gable roof, and the charming porch with its bright-red front door. Like something out of a collection of Norman Rockwell artwork.

But beyond the quaint facade lies an explosion of colors and shapes, as it plucked out of a fever dream from the mind of film director Tim Burton.

The home was built in 1960 but has been tweaked, updated, and upgraded over the last 30 years. It has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, one of which is a floor-to-ceiling mosaic.

That mosaic flooring continues into the kitchen, as well as the dining room and sitting area, complete with trapezoid window casings.

The backyard, with its wraparound garden and stone pond, can serve as a tranquil space or be used to host large gatherings.

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Additional Information
Realtor: Azur Meskovic, Meskovic Realty Group
Photography: Vils Photography