LADUE, Mo. – An English-style estate tucked away in a St. Louis suburb has something in common with the White House.

The mansion at 9755 Old Warson Road in Ladue has an impressive, neoclassical-like facade with its tall columns and pediment, and stone front wall. Built in 1926, this $4.9 million home has seen extensive renovations over the years but maintains an old-world opulence with distinctive details and decor.

The foyer features a stunning double staircase leading to a private office, a stepdown living room, and the dining room. Decorative wallpaper can be found throughout the home, but it’s the dining room that’ll make one’s heart flutter.

The mural-like wallpaper is a panoramic scene of “Eldorado” from Zuber & Cie, a centuries-old French wallpaper and fabrics manufacturer. The panoramic is created using an old technique of woodblock printing. Eldorado was first brought to life in 1848 using 1,554 carved blocks. Those very same blocks have been categorized as historical monuments by the nation’s Ministry of Culture.

And this is where 9755 Old Warson Road and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue share a line of decorative connective tissue. It turns out former President John F. Kennedy and first lady Jacqueline had the luxurious wallpaper installed in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the Executive Residence. French artist Jean-Julien Deltil designed the panoramic “Views of North America” and Zuber & Cie created the wallpaper using the same woodblock printing process.

There’s more than 8,100-square-foot of living space in the main residence; plenty of space for six bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two half-baths. A large family room offers the homeowners and guests a grand view of the pool, patio, fountain, and the rest of the grounds.

A guest house contains two bedrooms and a full bathroom, living room, dining room, and a kitchen.

In addition to the darling guest house, the property features a greenhouse and a barn or staging area that can be used for catered parties or even keeping horses. According to the sellers and realtors, there’s a 1.8-acre lot that can be split off from the rest of the property to be sold or developed.

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Additional Information
Realtor: Ann Wroth and Holly Bry, Gladys Manion Real Estate
Photographer: Square One Real Estate Media