Recipe: Madtown Grilled Cheese


HopCat St. Louis

1 fl. oz. Garlic aoli
1 fl oz. oil
1/4 Apple (sliced)
1 slice Dill havarti cheese
2 slices Smoked gouda cheese
2 slices Mueste cheese
2 slices Italian sourdough bread
4 fl. oz. Roasted red pepper gouda
1 oz Queso fresco

1. Spread garlic mayo on inside of sourdough bread and toast bread on the other side.
2. Place smoked gouda & muenster on one piece of bread.
3. Place dill havarti on the other piece of bread.
4. Finish melting cheese in salamander or under broiler in oven.
5. Once cheese is melted, layer gouda and muenster with apple.
6. Close sandwich and cut sandwich diagonally. Insert knot pics through each half. Prop one half of the sandwich against the other.
7. Place sandwich on the plate with 3 pickle chips and a cup of roasted red pepper gouda soup.

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