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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Residents in one north St. Louis neighborhood live in fear of reckless drivers as their speed down the streets and blow through stop signs.

A Fox 2 news crew observed several instances of bad driving while positioned along a stretch of Goodfellow Avenue. In one instance, a driver used the turn lane to pass another vehicle and blew through the stop sign.

“We’ve got wild traffic!” said resident Keith Crawford.

Crawford, who’s lived in the 8800 block of Goodfellow since 1994, said only in recent times have drivers started going well above the posted 35 mph speed limit and running stop signs.

“It’s over two years now, it seems like it started right after the unrest in Ferguson,” Crawford said.

A black car zipped past our Fox 2 camera and barely used his brakes as he blew through not one, but two stop signs.

Crawford said he sees cars going 70 miles an hour and doesn’t feel safe.

“No, I don’t feel safe, but I’m more afraid for the women and children, we have school buses that load here,” he said.

In March 2016, two young men lost their lives in a crash near his home on Goodfellow. There was another accident in November 2016. A car smashed into a retaining wall on February 23. And recently, a fatal pedestrian accident occurred across from the Bank of America on March 2.

“I am so scared one child is going to get hit trying to cross,” said Pam Boyd, Alderwoman-elect for the 27th Ward. “They’re not respecting the stop signs.”

Boyd said she’ll meet Crawford, street engineers, and even host a town hall meeting to come up with a plan. Crawford said city police do patrol the area, but he understands they cannot be there 24 hours a day.