ST. LOUIS – The Red Cross Sound the Alarm giveaway is Tuesday, May 10 in Alton, Illinois, and then it moves to Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday, May 12.

FOX 2’s Kim Hudson knows first-hand why smoke alarms save lives. In November 2016, the St. Louis Fire Department invited local media to cover a “live burn.” Firefighters put Hudson and videographer John Gerding in full firefighter gear, including an oxygen tank. Then, they put them in a burning room at the department’s training center in north St. Louis. They saw that once a smoke alarm sounds, people have just two minutes to escape. After that, people can barely see in front of themselves. Hudson and Gerding had to crawl on their hands and knees out of the room. The department gave Hudson one of the smoke alarms in that room. It was an unrecognizable melted chunk of plastic and metal.

The Red Cross will install 50,000 smoke alarms nationwide in 50 underserved communities in May 2022. With help from Schnucks Markets, volunteers will join Alton, Illinois firefighters. On Thursday, the operation moves to Ferguson, Missouri. There are many ways you can help. Learn more at