ST. LOUIS — The entertainment world is mourning the loss of two legends. Rock superstar Meat Loaf and actor-comedian Louie Anderson both passed away this week.

They were two very different entertainers that spent some time in the Gateway City over the years. 

“We put together the Louie Anderson and Rosanne Barr tour, and we did 30 shows and became really close friends with Louie,” said producer Robin Tate.

From concerts to comedy specials taped in downtown St. Louis, like Louie Anderson’s 1992 performance at the former American Theatre, Tate remembers the show fondly. 

“We did ‘Louie in St. Louie,’ and because of our relationship with him, he wanted to do it at the American Theatre, which we were running at the time,” said Tate. “It was a great special, sold out and people loved it.  And if you go back and look at his specials.  At the end, he always said something loving and caring to the audience.” 

Also, one to care deeply for his audience, Meat Loaf, the Grammy-winning rock singer whose name is backstage at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. 

“He played the Fox,” said Steve Litman of Steve Litman Presents and executive producer for Concerts Fabulous Fox Theatre.  “I actually booked him at the Fox three times in 1993, 1999, and 2003 was the last time. He always did an incredible show.”   

An upcoming concert will feature Meat Loaf’s band carrying on his hit songs with former season 13 American Idol winner Caleb Johnson. 

“We have a show coming up that’s actually been booked for quite a while with the Neverland Express which is Meat Loaf’s band and Caleb Johnson singing Meat Loaf’s role,” said Litman. “He’s going to do all the classic Meatloaf songs. So now everybody is excited and wants to pay tribute to the work the man did.” 

Both Litman and Tate saw firsthand the talent of Meat Loaf and Louie Anderson throughout the years. 

“It was great and we’re going to miss him,” said Litman. 

Like any loss with anyone passing away this is really tough because he was just the kindest guy in the world,” said Tate describing his friend Louie Anderson.  “He would give you the shirt off his back.”