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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Warmer temperatures may feel good, but they send shivers down the spines of firefighters and folks with ponds in their neighborhoods.

“Someone’s going to fall through (the ice). I’m really worried about it,” said Patti Carroll, president of the homeowner association in a Manchester subdivision.

Some of the pond is frozen; some of it is not frozen. She fears a youngster could fall through and drown. She said residents have told nine kids in recent days to stay off the ice.

She’s posted homemade warning signs around the pond.

“Please talk to your kids. The lake is never strong enough; it just doesn’t freeze long enough or cold enough in Missouri to walk on.”

Fire departments with ice rescue teams practice every winter, sometimes on Creve Coeur Lake.

“I would just say all times the ice count on it not being safe,” said Pattonville firefighter Matt Russell. “One rule of thumb that a lot of people use: the only safe ice is an ice rink.”