A major update from Israel tonight. FOX News reports the Israeli military is preparing for a ground invasion of Gaza.

FOX 2 is following reports of bombs going off in Gaza as we enter the fourth day of the conflict.

Many Israeli citizens are forced to listen for airstrike warnings overnight as bombs continue to rain down along the Israeli-Gaza border. FOX News confirms at least 1,600 people are dead, including 900 Israelis and at least 11 Americans.

Israel responded Monday with a series of strong counterattacks along the Gaza Strip. Drone video shows a mosque flattened by an Israeli air strike. Braham Shishbortish describes what live in Israel is like right now.

“People are crying, and we had to find shelter in less than twenty seconds. And this is the way we have to protect ourselves,” he said.

It’s the third straight day of fighting between the two sides after Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel Saturday, firing more than 3,500 rockets at residential areas from the Gaza strip. Israel has carried out over 1,000 airstrikes in Gaza since.

The Israeli army also sealed off Gaza on Monday, no longer allowing food or fuel into a densely populated area. Hamas still has at least 100 Israeli hostages. They have vowed to execute a hostage every time Israel attacks a residential area without warning.

The White House believes Americans are likely among the hostages. An Israeli Defense Forces spokesperson said the Israeli death toll from Saturday is already historic.

“I have some people here that told me this morning that’s the largest number of Israelis, Jews killed in one day since the holocaust,” said Col. Richard Hecht. “I mean, this is, the scope of this is something different.”

The Wall Street Journal reports Iran helped Hamas plan the attack. The United States has not confirmed that information.

Hamas is a Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip. They’ve been in power there since 2007.