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(KTVI)- Chief Tom Jackson confirms that the name of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown is Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was allegedly involved in a convenience store robbery that occurred on August 9th.

The dispatch records and video footage of the strong arm robbery that occurred between 11:52:58 and 11:54 am have been released.

The chief did not discuss the attempted apprehension of Brown. That portion of the investigation will be conducted by the county prosecutor’s office.

The report says between 11:48 am and noon, Officer Wilson was responding to a sick call on Glenn Arc with an ambulance present.  Police received a call for a robbery at a nearby convenience store at 11:51 am. A dispatcher gave a description of the suspect over the radio at 11:52 am.


A different officer arrived at the store where the robbery occurred. He was told that the suspect was walking toward the Quik Trip store on West Florissant.

A that point, Wilson left the sick call. He encountered Michael Brown at 12:01pm on Canfield Drive. A second officer arrived on scene at 12:04 pm.  A supervisor was sent to scene at 12:05. Subsequent officers arrived shortly afterward.

The ambulance from the sick call on Glenn Arc arrived to assess Michael Brown.

All information that has been requested was handed out at the conference.

Wilson is a six year veteran with the Ferguson Police Department. No disciplinary action has been taken at this time.

He was treated for injuries on Saturday following the shooting.

Nothing specific happened that affected their decision making but they feel there’s a certain calm and deep outcry from community. Huge Sunshine Law requests and other legal issues had to be weighed out.

The chief would not comment on the safety precautions of the officer involved. He says there have been security concerns all along.

He is asking for the community to remain calm.