ST. LOUIS — Daniel Esteve comes from Brownsville, Texas, and now works as a sports reporter at FOX2 in St. Louis. He has always loved telling stories and has a strong connection to sports.

He is from Texas, but his path took him to the University of Missouri. After college, he moved back to Texas and worked for three years at KVEO in the Rio Grande Valley as a sports host and reporter on the weekends. Now Daniel is a full-time sports reporter in St. Louis.

“I cover everything from local sports to prep sports and even sports like skateboarding. St. Louis Sports are fueled by the St. Louis community, and they encompass everything from fun to entertainment.” 

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Esteve had to get creative with what sports he was covering.  

“I once covered a prep sports competition with fun and quirky games like “dizzy bats,” where participants spun around with their heads on a bat, got dizzy, and tried to hit a ball,” said Esteve. “It’s all about putting a smile on people’s faces, especially during challenging times like the COVID pandemic. I’ve also explored the unique world of the St. Louis running club and dabbled in skateboarding stories, highlighting that sports can take many different forms.” 

Esteve did not start out planning to be a sports journalist.

Angela Hutti and Glenn Zimmerman are going to love this, so I wanted to be a weatherman. First, I wanted to be a meteorologist and quickly realized I wasn’t smart enough to be a meteorologist,” Esteve said. 

So, he switched his focus. He said that he has always been a talkative person. He gravitated toward a career that allowed him to use his strengths. Sports journalism felt like the perfect fit, and he’s been passionate about sports since his childhood. In this role, his motivation comes from his love for people and the desire to make them happy.  

“I work hard because I believe it’s in my nature. Moreover, sports play a vital role in the community, impacting people’s lives, instilling leadership qualities, and bringing joy,” said Esteve.

People are very excited about sports, and he sees this every time he tells a story about sports or takes part in a community event about sports.  

“The passion that these people have for sports, whether it’s a little skateboarding park, whether it’s a running club, or whether it’s the Cardinals, people are so passionate about it,” said Esteve. “And when you get to tell a story about it, it’s when you see the joy on their faces, or you see them get all excited or even nervous to be on camera, that it really fuels that desire to give them a good representation in the news and showcase whatever it is that they love or what they’re passionate about.” 

When he’s feeling stressed at work, he asks his friends for help. Over and over, he tells himself that work is only one part of his life. 

Esteve is dedicated to doing his best outside of work as well. He finds balance by spending time with his dog, playing sports, and spending time with family and friends. 

“On my days off, I enjoy spending time with my dog, Wembley, by taking him to the park. I’ve discovered St. Louis’s diverse restaurant scene, where Wembley is always a welcome guest,” said Esteve. “I’m active in various sports, from soccer to basketball, and I’m an avid Premier League soccer fan. Playing video games with my little brother and simply relaxing with Wembley at the park are some of my favorite ways to unwind.” 

Wembley and Esteve also have a podcast together called “Wembley’s Game with Daniel Esteve,” which is available on Spotify.