ST. LOUIS — Mallory Thomas, is a reporter who likes the ever-changing nature of her job. From presidential visits to Sweetwater rattlesnake roundups, this Texan-born journalist brings her witty charm and dedication to every story she tackles. She delves into deep cases one day and covers breaking news the next; you never know what she’ll be up to.

What motivates you?

Thomas draws her motivation from the strong sense of community she feels in each place she lives. She joins Fox 2 from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she spent five years as a reporter covering a wide range of stories, including presidential visits, historic flooding, and several tornadoes.

Prior to Tulsa, she spent a year and a half working in Texas politics. She began her new career in Abilene, Texas, where holding a rattlesnake is a rite of passage for reporters covering the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup. From her time in politics and various news markets, her commitment to her role as a journalist remains unwavering.

“I worked on congressional campaigns and worked for the state party up until 2016, up until the presidential election. And then it got very ugly. And I wanted to get out of politics,” said Thomas.

Why did you want to become a journalist?

Reflecting on her journey, she shares how she didn’t have a childhood dream of becoming a journalist, but her innate curiosity about various subjects should have hinted at her future career path. She initially aspired to be the next Jay Leno on late-night television.

“Once I got to my first market, I started doing some hosting and went to breaking news and went into sports, and I realized I like the news a lot more than I like hosting,” Thomas said.

She started hosting and covering breaking news and sports; she then discovered a passion for reporting. She found her true calling and now realizes that journalism was the right path for her all along.

How do you deal with work stress?

Thomas enjoys simple pleasures at the end of a challenging week, combining exercise with a glass of wine to unwind. She looks forward to quality time with her husband and their German Shepherd, Ranger, enjoying outdoor activities together. She claims that Ranger is her fur child.

“My husband gave him to me, so I adopted him. He has had him for nearly five years. He is the same person as my husband, but in dog form. He fears turtles because he just saw one for the first time,” Thomas said.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

“I just need two hours of silence,” Thomas said. “Whether relaxing in front of the TV or doing household chores.”

Afterward, she engages in errands and quality time with her husband as they explore and get to know their new home, St. Louis. Despite not being born in the area, she is excited to discover all that the city has to offer.

She looks forward to exploring Bush Stadium and attending a Cardinals game, as well as visiting Meramec Caves and Castlewood Park, both high on her list of places to explore.