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PATTONVILLE, IL (KTVI)– Fox 2 has learned the Pattonville Fire Protection District is reviewing a letter from the owners of the Bridgeton Landfill. Republic Services is asking that someone else represent first responders in meetings about conditions at the landfill.

Local and state leaders participate in a weekly conference call with folks from Bridgeton Landfill. They cover various issues including the movement of the underground smoldering event. This week, the Pattonville Fire Protection District received this letter asking that they remove Assistant Fire Chief Matt Lavanchy from the discussion.

Republic Services has agreed to construct a barrier between the Bridgeton Landfill and the radioactive material buried at Westlake Landfill. It’s considered a critical conversation in those conference calls. But the area president of Republic Services wants someone else on the call representing Pattonville.

He says:
“Chief Lavanchy has posted theories and rumors on social media and shared the same with television media creating unnecessary fear and panic.”

He goes on to request: “A new liaison who shares goals of safety, preparedness and a commitment to open and honest communication with our neighbors be appointed on behalf of the Pattonville Fire Department.”

We are still waiting for a response from Pattonville.

And there is another development Friday. Attorney General Chris Koster and Republic Services have agreed that more carbon monoxide monitoring will be done on gas extraction wells in the north quarry. This is the area closest to West Lake. The previous requirement was for CO data in the south quarry.

The agreement was accepted by St. Louis County Judge Michael Jamison. The first submission of data from the north quarry is due on or before February 20th and again in 60 day intervals until June, when a full hearing is set on the state’s lawsuit. In a statement, Republic Services says the new data will be forwarded to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.