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ST. LOUIS – With about 51% of the vote Republican Josh Hawley took home the win over incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill. His victory helped Republicans retain control of the Senate.

Hawley got a phone call from President Donald Trump after his win. Twice in less than a week, Trump stumped for Hawley in Missouri.  A boost that may have been the difference maker.

Things did not go the way that Senator Claire McCaskill had hoped. She thanked Missourians for letting her serve as long and said she believes she made some big differences at key moments. McCaskill has been praised for the work she has done for veterans since taking office in 2007.

She prides herself as someone who can work with both sides of the political party.

In the end McCaskill said the margins in the outstate were too much to overcome and Trump’s visits revved up Hawley’s base. After Hawley gave his victory speech he met with supporters for about a half hour, but never addressed the media who was there to cover his party.

At this time we don’t know what is next for Hawley.

Hawley, who is 38-years-old, will be the youngest Senator when he gets to Washington. He is also the youngest Senator for Missouri since the Civil War.