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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Authorities break up a dog fighting ring outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

They’re looking to St. Louis for help in rescuing the animals. FOX 2’S George Sells is at Stray Rescue where the rescue caravan has arrived.

The dogs were rescued February 19th from conditions that made even hardened veterans of dog rescues shudder. Rather than put the dogs down Michelle Brignac began calling pit bull rescue groups. She found places for all of them, including the seven that came to Stray Rescue St. Louis.

You can see the scarring in their faces. Every one of those little bumps is a wound from a battle. Those who are here in most cases fought best. If they hadn’t they’d be dead. But they’re good with people. In the world of fighting they were handled by people a lot.

They’ll get that future here, thanks to a group that wants to help, and a Louisiana animal shelter director who wouldn’t let them die.